I have been noticing a few things regarding growth. Being responsible, being in control of me. ALL of me my thoughts. feelings, actions and results are my own responsibility.. period.

If I desire to change my life, I must own it, take responsibility for it.

This is the beginning of growth. It’s never to late while there is still life in my body I can decide.

I  am done with flinging excuses and blame, it’s time to design my life!

Who’s with me?FB_IMG_1423850041312

Growth starts with a seed (desire) then caring for the soil  (thoughs) good input, removal of weeds (negative thoughts) being aware of thoughts moment by moment

Till next time!

Keep Growing!


Its About Letting Go

Its been 6 months since I declared that I was going to start blogging again.

Well, a lot has happened in 6 months, family activities, helping my daughter get adjusted to her new situation.

I need to learn to prioritize things that are important to me and just do it!

Life has a way of bringing us forward, even though we often times fight change.  Change happens and in order for me to grow, I need to embrace it, lean into it. instead of fight it.

My youngest just turned 19 and with that comes letting go. That’s the tough part but I also realize that the more I try to “control” things,  people, I usually ruin things and relationships. So, I am leaning that I am really not in control anyways.. I just need to let go and Let God be God.