The Art Of Letting Go

Beauty is all around us but sometimes our space can be so cluttered, we can’t see it.

Today I started to put into practice a method of de-cluttering called the Konmarie method, from the book

‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’ . ¬†I’m almost halfway through the book and started this morning the method she recommends which is categorizing the items.

Using this new method, I started with clothes.

Her method involves paying attention to the feelings you get when you pick up each item.

Does it spark joy? It it useful? Do I want to see it again?

It’s amazing how asking the right ¬†questions can bring about great results. (useful in other areas of life as well)

After a couple of hours, yes it takes time, dealing with various emotions and doing this in a quiet atmosphere, I filled 2 garbage bags full.

** She recommends only getting rid of your own stuff for obvious reasons.:)

Going through this first step, I am realizing how light I feel. It brings comfort to get rid of stuff. ( This helps reveal some negative emotions that needed to be released in the process)


Life is a journey and one that is best traveled light, not to be bogged down with stuff we are not meant to carry.

It also makes space for more good to come in.

How have you been helped by this method?



Krista 033