I was considering a few days ago the need of patterns.
We have patterns all around us. If we look, we can see positive  or negative ones.
Of course, we always find what we are looking for & more often than not, it’s  easier to find the negative/lack of patterns in our live.
When we are grateful for the  things already in our life, we can see positive patterns of patience, love, appreciation and acceptance.
The key is what are we thinking about?
When we are grateful, we have no anger or fear.
Try this:
For the next seven days, write down 3 items that you are grateful for. Take note of the feelings you have while you are being grateful.
Our attitudes are affected by our outlook of lack or abundance.
We choose what we see. Give it a week & please share what you noticed.
Wherever there is appreciation, there is duplication.

Till  Next Time,


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