Being real, authentic, words we hear a lot these days but with all the craziness of life and so many distractions, how is it possible? And if it is attainable, how on earth can we develop the quality of being genuine?

First, we need, to be honest with ourselves. Speak the truth.

Do you have clear set boundaries? Personal. emotional. spiritual?

Being genuine is being congruent with what you believe and how you act. This is the first part of change being honest.

If you say one thing and do another on the other side of the scale, you are double minded. Not much authenticity there. Actually kind of wishy-washy.

In order to change anything, there must first be a decision to change, this requires total honesty.

Real solid change happens when light shines on the thing that needs to change.


Get in a quiet place, go for a walk early in the morning alone. Yes go alone, be quiet as you walk. Notice the nature around you. Listen for the still small voice within.

Consider, pray about where you are in your life now.

Ask yourself,  are you happy with you? Are you doing your best in all that you do?

Be honest! If you want to seek to be genuine, it starts with you.  What do you believe about your current situation? Are you open to change?

Change is hard but so is staying the same. We get to pick our hard

Be brutally honest today, when you do this, it’s the first step.

Till next time,



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