Growing Pains

I remember well having growing pains as a young girl growing up. These were physical pains. The pain I want to talk about is the pain of not being real. The pain of pretense. Living in a way that causes pain & sadness deep within your being.

It’s because you are not being who you really are, either because you fear rejection or, you are just so dead within.

I have been considering the matter of pain for quite some time.  There is the pain of regret, and pain of discipline, I want to add another, the pain of not being genuine.

All of us as humans have a desire to be loved and completely accepted for who we are. To be in a relationship of total love and acceptance.

Sometimes, we think we are loved because we believe the words spoken to us instead of really looking at the actions as well or instead of.

People always act according to how they feel. Our emotions fuel our actions.

We really need to consider our thought life, what kind of thoughts are directing our actions?

I know, as humans we can mess up, but hear me in this.

People are creatures of habit when they show you over and over again who they are, believe them.

Look in the mirror today and speak the truth about how you feel about you.  Are you being the best you can be?

From the truth go forward, we have all been given a sense of life within us, a conscience, gut instinct.

This was put into you by your creator and is not a lie!! Hear the speaking!

Pray for light in your situation, believe me, the God of light will hear and answer your heart’s cry.

I believe in you!



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