Be True To You

In this time of so many distractions, it can be difficult to just be quiet and consider who you are.

It’s possible to just keep so busy that only time passes and you stop and wonder. Am I really living the life that I am meant to live? Am I really, truly being genuine?

Am I being true to my spirit deep within? Or, am I in the ever popular people pleasing mode because you know, what will they think of me if I…..

It takes courage, to be honest. Because it may require change, and who likes change?

This is a question that is difficult to answer, it’s difficult because depending on how you answer it, may require change.

It’s funny how that fear works because unless you are an innate object, you will change, all living things change, the difference is you can embrace the change or you can run from it.

I have found that fear of change = comfort zone.

I also realize that comfort zones = dying.

I was listening to a talk on Youtube the other day and it was about regrets, He said if you fast forward your life say, 20 years and you regret not making the decision that you are struggling with, it’s time to do the opposite. Make that decision no matter how scary it is, Regret is scarier I promise.


Till next time,








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