People Pleaser?

As I consider my life up to this point, I  realize much of it has been in the “People Pleasing” state.  What do I mean by that? Living to be accepted by others and in doing so, not being fully who I was created to be.

That is quite a revelation considering that I am now in my 50’s.  I wonder if it has much to do with my growing up years or?

However in came about, I think it’s that age old fear of rejection. Saying what people want to hear not what is really in your heart to say.

I have recently come to realize if we are not being true to who we are, we are not being truly genuine.

To be true to you requires courage and when you are true to you, to that deep down part of you, something wonderful happens,

You begin to develop self-respect, and when you do that, others will respect you.

When you shine, you give others permission to shine!

Make it a truly beautiful day friends!

Be YOU!  There is no one on the earth with your gift!








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