Moving Forward with peace

As I go onward in this journey, I was struck by the many times, I need to be truthful here, that I have wasted my energy wishing I had done something different in my past, made a different decision, etc.

I heard it said today that If I would do that parts of me would not exist today.

Life is growing and in growing we make mistakes, some because of lack of knowledge, others, I don’t believe we should call them mistakes as all the other beauty that came out of it would be erased too.

What I really want to get across here is you are who you are today because of everything that you passed through.

Have you ever noticed every time you go “backward” and you do whenever you look in the rearview mirror, all of your energy that is meant for today is used up beating yourself up over the past, shoulds

I should have, I would have blah blah blah.

STOP BULLYING YOURSELF!! please hear me.

Life is about growing and moving forward, Please just make peace with your past– You will not move forward until you do, and just be kind to you, and love who you were created to be, and be your best version of you!!

From this day forward, be grateful for who you are now and enjoy the journey being you!

Lord, thank you for all the things, events that have happened in my past, thank you that

they happened for me not to me.


Till next time.