Well, it is Dec 24/2017, a year has come to a close. How has your year been? Did you bring your best forward?  Did you take some courageous steps? Did you grow?

No matter how you evaluate the year, if you want to get better, truly examining your life is the way to improving it. This requires being authentic to the one in the mirror first.

If you can’t be true to you, what is the point? We are here for one shot, this is the real thing the real “Mcoy”

This has been a year of change for me. I made a decision in April that I am living with.

Yes, when we make a decision. we need to live with it. Is that why many hesitate to make the really big life changing ones?

We are living beings, we are supposed to continually grow. If we aren’t, something is not right. Either we are in a state of “Stuck” Or,  We don’t care.

I really hope and pray that as you read this, you are considering your year, you are being honest with you.  Honesty begins first with the person in the mirror.

I believe that we were all created to live big lives, to make an impact. to give to others.

As you gather with your family, consider how can you do better? How can you be better?

Does your family deserve your best?



Until next time.







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