What does it mean to be faithful to the core? What is the meaning of the core?  I was told by a new and very special friend that this title didn’t just come to me. He was correct in saying that.

In fact, it came to me through turmoil, through examining my core beliefs.

You see, I believe that we live according to what we believe if we are in a contradictory state, we are not being true to our “core belief”

It was in turmoil that I came up with the name, “Faithful to the Core” I knew at that time  I was not living according to who I  was, I was living to please others.

When we give up who we truly are to please others, we are
“Fake” Totally unreal.

Even as I write this, I am thankful to those in my life who have the guts, 20160417_184930to be honest, and true with me

To me, to be Faithful to the core means to be true to who you are. To be authentic, real. Without apology.

If you need to apologize for who you are, you need to make a change in the people who are around you.

Do not ever justify who you are, those who get you will be there.

Make 2018 the year where you are being unapologetically you. ( Of course be kind)  If you don’t have people around you who support you, set the standard. You will attract what you are.

Do not settle for less.  Raise your standard, and live according to it. Do whatever it takes to be your best. Do not ever make excuses for anything. Be your best. Your loved ones deserve it.

Live your life to the fullest make 2018 the most incredible year yet, I know I will.

This edition is dedicated to the special person who has given me wind beneath my wings.

You hold a special place in my heart, I know you know.

Until next time, set high standards for you, be your best, care for others, give what you want to receive. you won’t receive what you don’t give.

Be Kind, make a difference

Krista 🙂




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