Issues Of the Heart

As I look over the past 12 months of 2017, I am struck by the things that really caught my attention. When I think of the term “Issues of the Heart” it can go either way.

If we have any unresolved issues in us, they are usually in our heart. We have an emotional heart and a physical heart. The heart that I am getting at here is the heart that has an ear. Yes, H- ear- T.Our emotional heart and yes our heart is capable of hearing.

This has been a challenging year for me. I realized that I was not being true to who I was in tolerating a particular behavior. The more I tolerated, the more I died inside. It got to a point where I just wept at night because I knew that I had to take courage and speak.

Yet the whole time. my heart knew what was happening. When we ignore or dishonor our feelings, we bury them. When you have issues in your heart, sooner or later, they will come out. That is how we are made.

Sometimes, we are put into a situation where we are forced to deal with unresolved issues. I have found that the sooner you acknowledge the feelings, pain etc, the sooner you will be free to connect with others.

Funny how God hears and answers our prayers sometimes in the way we don’t expect or we weren’t ready for.

It usually happens when we least expect It.

Whatever our need is, He supplies an answer to our need.

When we are truly honest with ourselves, we received more.

When our ego is ruling us, we stay stuck.

Listen to your heart, it knows.