An interesting word, empowered. what does it mean?

To give someone the authority or power to do something

To make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in their life and claiming their rights.

I was told by a younger, wise woman that if I want to empower others, my focus needs to be on empowering myself first.

How wonderfully accurate this proved to be. We cannot take others further than we have walked ourselves. We must first impact who we are.

The first step in changing us, is complete honesty. Look at where you are, and then look at where you want to be. How big is the gap? How can you close the gap?

Start by making small changes. Clear out the clutter and negative influences in your life.

Sometimes it requires moving forward alone. As you do this, you will find support and you will be empowered.

Courage is developed one step at a time. It’s the voice that says “Keep going. You wiĺl be ok”

Never compromise who you are, because of fear to move forward.

Life is always changing, growing. If you don’t challenge yourself and develope courage, you remain the same.

Empowering starts with You!

Be real, Be true, Be empowered

What are you wanting to change?

Till next time

Be the change




What does it mean to be faithful to the core? What is the meaning of the core?  I was told by a new and very special friend that this title didn’t just come to me. He was correct in saying that.

In fact, it came to me through turmoil, through examining my core beliefs.

You see, I believe that we live according to what we believe if we are in a contradictory state, we are not being true to our “core belief”

It was in turmoil that I came up with the name, “Faithful to the Core” I knew at that time  I was not living according to who I  was, I was living to please others.

When we give up who we truly are to please others, we are
“Fake” Totally unreal.

Even as I write this, I am thankful to those in my life who have the guts, 20160417_184930to be honest, and true with me

To me, to be Faithful to the core means to be true to who you are. To be authentic, real. Without apology.

If you need to apologize for who you are, you need to make a change in the people who are around you.

Do not ever justify who you are, those who get you will be there.

Make 2018 the year where you are being unapologetically you. ( Of course be kind)  If you don’t have people around you who support you, set the standard. You will attract what you are.

Do not settle for less.  Raise your standard, and live according to it. Do whatever it takes to be your best. Do not ever make excuses for anything. Be your best. Your loved ones deserve it.

Live your life to the fullest make 2018 the most incredible year yet, I know I will.

This edition is dedicated to the special person who has given me wind beneath my wings.

You hold a special place in my heart, I know you know.

Until next time, set high standards for you, be your best, care for others, give what you want to receive. you won’t receive what you don’t give.

Be Kind, make a difference

Krista 🙂



Issues Of the Heart

As I look over the past 12 months of 2017, I am struck by the things that really caught my attention. When I think of the term “Issues of the Heart” it can go either way.

If we have any unresolved issues in us, they are usually in our heart. We have an emotional heart and a physical heart. The heart that I am getting at here is the heart that has an ear. Yes, H- ear- T.Our emotional heart and yes our heart is capable of hearing.

This has been a challenging year for me. I realized that I was not being true to who I was in tolerating a particular behavior. The more I tolerated, the more I died inside. It got to a point where I just wept at night because I knew that I had to take courage and speak.

Yet the whole time. my heart knew what was happening. When we ignore or dishonor our feelings, we bury them. When you have issues in your heart, sooner or later, they will come out. That is how we are made.

Sometimes, we are put into a situation where we are forced to deal with unresolved issues. I have found that the sooner you acknowledge the feelings, pain etc, the sooner you will be free to connect with others.

Funny how God hears and answers our prayers sometimes in the way we don’t expect or we weren’t ready for.

It usually happens when we least expect It.

Whatever our need is, He supplies an answer to our need.

When we are truly honest with ourselves, we received more.

When our ego is ruling us, we stay stuck.

Listen to your heart, it knows.








Well, it is Dec 24/2017, a year has come to a close. How has your year been? Did you bring your best forward?  Did you take some courageous steps? Did you grow?

No matter how you evaluate the year, if you want to get better, truly examining your life is the way to improving it. This requires being authentic to the one in the mirror first.

If you can’t be true to you, what is the point? We are here for one shot, this is the real thing the real “Mcoy”

This has been a year of change for me. I made a decision in April that I am living with.

Yes, when we make a decision. we need to live with it. Is that why many hesitate to make the really big life changing ones?

We are living beings, we are supposed to continually grow. If we aren’t, something is not right. Either we are in a state of “Stuck” Or,  We don’t care.

I really hope and pray that as you read this, you are considering your year, you are being honest with you.  Honesty begins first with the person in the mirror.

I believe that we were all created to live big lives, to make an impact. to give to others.

As you gather with your family, consider how can you do better? How can you be better?

Does your family deserve your best?



Until next time.






Guilt or Shame?

I have been realizing that there is a big difference between guild and shame, between victim & Victor.

Guilt says I did something wrong.

Shame says I am wrong and leaves the person dark, depressed & powerless.

Guilt is focused on the behavior whereas shame focuses on the person.

Knowing the difference is really important esp if you want to move forward & grow in life.

Be empowered learn shame resiliency. Be kind to you for all that you are doing to grow.

Never stop growing!!

Pay attention to how you speak to you! Are you shaming yourself? Are you focusing on the act rather than the person?

Sooo important! Let’s all be less judgemental towards ourselves first then, spread out towards others

Make it an awesome week!

Till next time


Moving Forward with peace

As I go onward in this journey, I was struck by the many times, I need to be truthful here, that I have wasted my energy wishing I had done something different in my past, made a different decision, etc.

I heard it said today that If I would do that parts of me would not exist today.

Life is growing and in growing we make mistakes, some because of lack of knowledge, others, I don’t believe we should call them mistakes as all the other beauty that came out of it would be erased too.

What I really want to get across here is you are who you are today because of everything that you passed through.

Have you ever noticed every time you go “backward” and you do whenever you look in the rearview mirror, all of your energy that is meant for today is used up beating yourself up over the past, shoulds

I should have, I would have blah blah blah.

STOP BULLYING YOURSELF!! please hear me.

Life is about growing and moving forward, Please just make peace with your past– You will not move forward until you do, and just be kind to you, and love who you were created to be, and be your best version of you!!

From this day forward, be grateful for who you are now and enjoy the journey being you!

Lord, thank you for all the things, events that have happened in my past, thank you that

they happened for me not to me.


Till next time.


People Pleaser?

As I consider my life up to this point, I  realize much of it has been in the “People Pleasing” state.  What do I mean by that? Living to be accepted by others and in doing so, not being fully who I was created to be.

That is quite a revelation considering that I am now in my 50’s.  I wonder if it has much to do with my growing up years or?

However in came about, I think it’s that age old fear of rejection. Saying what people want to hear not what is really in your heart to say.

I have recently come to realize if we are not being true to who we are, we are not being truly genuine.

To be true to you requires courage and when you are true to you, to that deep down part of you, something wonderful happens,

You begin to develop self-respect, and when you do that, others will respect you.

When you shine, you give others permission to shine!

Make it a truly beautiful day friends!

Be YOU!  There is no one on the earth with your gift!







Be True To You

In this time of so many distractions, it can be difficult to just be quiet and consider who you are.

It’s possible to just keep so busy that only time passes and you stop and wonder. Am I really living the life that I am meant to live? Am I really, truly being genuine?

Am I being true to my spirit deep within? Or, am I in the ever popular people pleasing mode because you know, what will they think of me if I…..

It takes courage, to be honest. Because it may require change, and who likes change?

This is a question that is difficult to answer, it’s difficult because depending on how you answer it, may require change.

It’s funny how that fear works because unless you are an innate object, you will change, all living things change, the difference is you can embrace the change or you can run from it.

I have found that fear of change = comfort zone.

I also realize that comfort zones = dying.

I was listening to a talk on Youtube the other day and it was about regrets, He said if you fast forward your life say, 20 years and you regret not making the decision that you are struggling with, it’s time to do the opposite. Make that decision no matter how scary it is, Regret is scarier I promise.


Till next time,







Look for the blessings

Here it is the day after my birthday, I won’t say how young only to say I was guessed to be 45. 🙂 I will take it.   Unexpected compliments are blessings. 🙂

I work at a hospital casual on call just to keep busy and I really enjoy being around people  This position is a blessing.

I have realized today that I have many people in my life that care for me and support me going through a tough personal time.  Another blessing.

As I went through today, I choose to count my blessings. They were many.

I realized how much time I have spent focusing on the negatives. Time to change that.

When it’s raining out,  the sun is always above the clouds, we can’t always see it, but it’s there.

As I was out and about today, I heard the birds singing,,,, Yes they were singing in the rain,  they were not complaining but singing. 🙂

I spent my day today with special ladies from my church group and was cherished. It was lovely to enjoy cake and coffee and yes we did pray together. Another blessing.

Hint: Prayer works to keep our focus on being thankful and also help us to cease from judging others as we instead pray for them.

Later, after my shift at the hospital, I enjoyed being spoiled by my oldest daughter and my youngest son. I am blessed.

As I sit and contemplate my life, I am excited about the future, Why?  Because I  see how much I have been given.  I am blessed

So, basically, I am encouraging you no matter where you are or what you are going through, look for the blessings and as you do, you will be empowered, and encouraged.

It is changing your focus from looking “down” to looking  “up” It really makes a difference in your whole being.

Try it, I would love to hear your feedback.

Till next time,



Growing Pains

I remember well having growing pains as a young girl growing up. These were physical pains. The pain I want to talk about is the pain of not being real. The pain of pretense. Living in a way that causes pain & sadness deep within your being.

It’s because you are not being who you really are, either because you fear rejection or, you are just so dead within.

I have been considering the matter of pain for quite some time.  There is the pain of regret, and pain of discipline, I want to add another, the pain of not being genuine.

All of us as humans have a desire to be loved and completely accepted for who we are. To be in a relationship of total love and acceptance.

Sometimes, we think we are loved because we believe the words spoken to us instead of really looking at the actions as well or instead of.

People always act according to how they feel. Our emotions fuel our actions.

We really need to consider our thought life, what kind of thoughts are directing our actions?

I know, as humans we can mess up, but hear me in this.

People are creatures of habit when they show you over and over again who they are, believe them.

Look in the mirror today and speak the truth about how you feel about you.  Are you being the best you can be?

From the truth go forward, we have all been given a sense of life within us, a conscience, gut instinct.

This was put into you by your creator and is not a lie!! Hear the speaking!

Pray for light in your situation, believe me, the God of light will hear and answer your heart’s cry.

I believe in you!