Its the little things

Really?  The little things?  Yes, the little seemingly insignificant things that can really make a difference for someone. And they may or may not require money but more importantly, they require your time, & sacrifice.

A father giving up his day of work to take care of his sick little girl so her mom can work to better herself in school,  a husband taking out the garbage in the early morning before he leaves to work his 3am shift,  a helping hand, a thoughtful encouraging word, a monetary gift left anonymously, you get the point.

We live in such a crazy, busy world that seems to be racing toward,,, what ? Another time in the future?

This post may or may not be read, as I am not posting on a regular basis, yes, I get  carried away with stuff but I really do enjoy sharing my thoughts, mostly to inspire & encourage those who are needing it — And we all  need encouragement like we need to breathe, 🙂

I was considering how I feel when a kind deed is done to myself or my family and I like how it feels so, I want to encourage others to be kind, do what you can, no matter how small, because it’s the small. seemingly insignificant  things that make a huge difference.


Cheers! Till next time,

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