20160225_132908Personal flotation devices   we all have them. Things or habits that we have gotten used to hanging on to.

This thought came to me while chatting with  a teammate while swimming.

We were sharing about things we hang on to in our lives that may actually be a hinderance to  our growth.

Comfort zones actually hinder our going on in our life, instead of growing, when you think about growing, there is movement, when you think about being in a comfortable place, there is very little, if any movement.

As we go on in our lives it becomes necessary to become really honest with ourselves.

Are you really happy with who you have become? What is your passion? What do  you really enjoy doing?

Are you happy with where you are at? Are there things that you are wanting to do but have been allowing fear to hold you hostage?

What makes your heart sing? what brings a smile to your face when you think about it?

What do you need to let go of in order to move forward?

These are important things to consider as you plan your future. Are you living your own life or, someone else;s?

Something to consider.

Till next time,









I was considering a few days ago the need of patterns.
We have patterns all around us. If we look, we can see positive  or negative ones.
Of course, we always find what we are looking for & more often than not, it’s  easier to find the negative/lack of patterns in our live.
When we are grateful for the  things already in our life, we can see positive patterns of patience, love, appreciation and acceptance.
The key is what are we thinking about?
When we are grateful, we have no anger or fear.
Try this:
For the next seven days, write down 3 items that you are grateful for. Take note of the feelings you have while you are being grateful.
Our attitudes are affected by our outlook of lack or abundance.
We choose what we see. Give it a week & please share what you noticed.
Wherever there is appreciation, there is duplication.

Till  Next Time,

React or Respond?


I have heard that what we focus on actually grows, and when it does, we shouldn’t be surprised at the harvest we get.

Look at your life now. It’s a culmination of every belief, and choice that you have made because of those beliefs… Sobering right?

We can look at any aspect of our life and see the “results” of our beliefs..

I have been working on controlling my emotions rather that letting them dictate my actions, I have to admit, according to  my present situation, it’s a result of living according to my emotions.

I have avoided doing the things that I said I would do by making excuses based on how i feel at the moment, ” I don;t feel like it” I’m tired” …..  it’s like saying “The dog ate my homework.”

I don’t know about you, but when I stick to my word and do what I said I was going to do, I always feel confident..

This is key to everything..

How then should I respond to the fact that I can control my emotions?

Something happened the other day. I had to a “talk” myself out of a very negative reaction.

I could literally feel every cell getting riled up.. I decided that I was going to control this emotion. Not react, wait and  consider the truth of the voice I was hearing..

We all have two voices speaking in our mind  we get to choose which on we will listen to.

In the past, I would have reacted but this time I waited, and quietly considered.

I choose to think well of the dear ones in my life instead of looking for the negatives and judging .. I choose to understand first.

I ruled over my negative emotions. What a feeling!!

To respond with understanding instead of reacting according to my negative emotions.

What are you working on this week? Pick one thing to improve on and watch your world change.


Have a wonderful, week


The Art Of Letting Go

Beauty is all around us but sometimes our space can be so cluttered, we can’t see it.

Today I started to put into practice a method of de-cluttering called the Konmarie method, from the book

‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’ .  I’m almost halfway through the book and started this morning the method she recommends which is categorizing the items.

Using this new method, I started with clothes.

Her method involves paying attention to the feelings you get when you pick up each item.

Does it spark joy? It it useful? Do I want to see it again?

It’s amazing how asking the right  questions can bring about great results. (useful in other areas of life as well)

After a couple of hours, yes it takes time, dealing with various emotions and doing this in a quiet atmosphere, I filled 2 garbage bags full.

** She recommends only getting rid of your own stuff for obvious reasons.:)

Going through this first step, I am realizing how light I feel. It brings comfort to get rid of stuff. ( This helps reveal some negative emotions that needed to be released in the process)


Life is a journey and one that is best traveled light, not to be bogged down with stuff we are not meant to carry.

It also makes space for more good to come in.

How have you been helped by this method?



Krista 033


I have been noticing a few things regarding growth. Being responsible, being in control of me. ALL of me my thoughts. feelings, actions and results are my own responsibility.. period.

If I desire to change my life, I must own it, take responsibility for it.

This is the beginning of growth. It’s never to late while there is still life in my body I can decide.

I  am done with flinging excuses and blame, it’s time to design my life!

Who’s with me?FB_IMG_1423850041312

Growth starts with a seed (desire) then caring for the soil  (thoughs) good input, removal of weeds (negative thoughts) being aware of thoughts moment by moment

Till next time!

Keep Growing!

Its About Letting Go

Its been 6 months since I declared that I was going to start blogging again.

Well, a lot has happened in 6 months, family activities, helping my daughter get adjusted to her new situation.

I need to learn to prioritize things that are important to me and just do it!

Life has a way of bringing us forward, even though we often times fight change.  Change happens and in order for me to grow, I need to embrace it, lean into it. instead of fight it.

My youngest just turned 19 and with that comes letting go. That’s the tough part but I also realize that the more I try to “control” things,  people, I usually ruin things and relationships. So, I am leaning that I am really not in control anyways.. I just need to let go and Let God be God.

Companions Along The Way

Good Morning!

Its May 20/2015 and I have decided to start blogging again. I have always enjoyed writing, and I also like to encourage others because well, we live in a world short of appreciation & encouragement.

I have been going through some tough age related challenges.. I have wondered if I was the only one and while sharing with a friend, she encouraged me to open to another and pray.. ( its the first thing I should do but ends up being the last)

This happened on Monday the 18th and later that day, I was shopping with my daughter when I bumped into an old friend.

She had been praying for a companion to go on walks with early in the mornings so, I happily joined her, I have been wanting to get up earlier, 5:30 am so now I have a walking partner,

We all need someone who we can share our struggles with and this dear friend came into my life at just the right time.

Not only do we walk and share, we pray together for our husbands and families. It was just what I needed.

If you would like to  share your story please do!!